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Rapidly lowers blood glucose by stimulating the excretion of insulin by the pancreas. Binds to the membrane (β-cells to the specific to this drug receptor protein. This results in blocking the ATP-dependent potassium channel and depolarization of the cell membrane, which in turn contributes to the opening of calcium channels. Receipt durabolin injection of calcium into β-cells stimulates insulin secretion .

This provides a reduction in blood glucose during the meal period. Thus repaglinide plasma level decreases rapidly, and after 4 hours after administration in plasma of patients with type 2 diabetes are found lower concentrations of the drug. The clinical efficacy and safety of dose-dependent decrease in blood glucose levels seen in patients with type 2 diabetes in the appointment of repaglinide in doses ranging from 0.5 to 4 mg. clinical studies have shown that repaglinide should be taken before eating (preprandialnoe dosing).

Maximum concentration in plasma repaglinide achieved within one hour after ingestion. After reaching the maximum concentration (the C max ) in plasma content decreases rapidly. No clinically significant differences between the pharmacokinetics of repaglinide in its reception just before eating, 15 minutes or 30 minutes before a meal or on an empty stomach is not detected. T

Renal Insufficiency: The pharmacokinetic parameters of repaglinide with single dose and in a state of equilibrium has been evaluated in patients with type 2 diabetes and impaired renal function of varying severity.The values of the area under the curve “concentration-time» (AUC) and the C max were similar in patients with normal renal function and patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency severity , but this study revealed the presence of only a weak correlation between the concentration of repaglinide and creatinine clearance. it appears that patients with impaired renal function there is no need to carry out correction of the initial dose. However, a subsequent increase in the dose in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in combination with severe renal impairment, which requires hemodialysis, should be undertaken with caution. Hepatic impairment: open-label study was conducted, providing for single dose of repaglinide 12 healthy volunteers and 12 patients with chronic liver disease (CKD), which are classified on the scale of Child-Pugh, as well as the value of caffeine clearance. In durabolin injection patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment were detected higher and persist for a longer time concentrations of total and unbound repaglinide in serum than in healthy volunteers.

AUC value statistically correlated with caffeine clearance. No differences in blood glucose levels were detected between the groups. Thus, when receiving the conventional doses of repaglinide in patients with impaired liver function will achieve higher concentrations of repaglinide and its metabolites than patients with normal liver function. Therefore, in patients with impaired liver function repaglinide should be used with caution. Also, the interval between dose adjustment should be increased in order to more accurately assess the response to therapy. Preclinical safety data Preclinical data based on studies of pharmacological safety, toxicity of repeated doses, genotoxicity and carcinogenic potential have not revealed any risk to humans. Animal studies have shown that repaglinide has no teratogenic effects. Abnormalities of limb development is not teratogenic nature were observed in embryos and newborn rats born to female rats treated with high doses of repaglinide in the last third of pregnancy and during lactation. Repaglinide is detected in the milk of animals.

Indications for use:

Type 2 diabetes is the poor diet, exercise and weight reduction.
In patients with type 2 diabetes repaglinide can also be used in combination with metformin or thiazolidinediones when you can not achieve satisfactory glycemic control with monotherapy, repaglinide, metformin or thiazolidinediones .


– Known hypersensitivity to repaglinide or any of the components of the drug
– Type 1 diabetes
– diabetic ketoacidosis; precoma diabetic coma and
– Infectious diseases, major surgery, and other conditions requiring insulin therapy
– Pregnancy and lactation
– severe hepatic impairment
– Co-administration of gemfibrozil (see “section.

Interaction with other drugs

Clinical studies in patients under the age of 18 years and older than 75 years have not been conducted. The caution (the need for more careful monitoring) should be used in violation of liver function mild to moderate, feverish syndrome, chronic renal failure, alcoholism, general grave condition , malnutrition.

Pregnancy and lactation
Studies in pregnant women  durabolin injection and in women during breast-feeding is not carried out. Therefore, safety of repaglinide in pregnant women and in women during breast-feeding has not been studied. Information on reproductive toxicity studies of repaglinide, carried out on animals, presented in the Pharmacokinetics section. buy legal anabolic steroids online

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