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durabolin side effects

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Repaglinide is indicated for poor glycemic control and persistent symptoms of diabetes in the background diet, exercise and weight reduction.
Since repaglinide is durabolin side effects a drug that stimulates the secretion of insulin, it can cause hypoglycemia. In combination therapy hypoglycemic risk increases.
In a patient with the achieved stabilization of diabetes using any hypoglycemic drug effect of a stress factor, such as fever, trauma, infection, or surgical intervention can lead to poor glycemic control.
In such cases, it may repaglinide and need to cancel the appointment of a temporary insulin therapy.
The hypoglycemic effect of oral hypoglycemic drugs in many patients over time weakens. This may be due to the severity of the progression of diabetes and attenuation response to the drug. This phenomenon is known as “secondary resistance”, and should be distinguished from “primary resistance”, in which the drug is ineffective in an individual patient already at the first appointment.
Before you regard the situation of the patient as a “secondary resistance” should produce a dose adjustment as well as check the accuracy of the patient advice on diet and physical activity.
in patients with exhaustion, as well as in patients receiving inadequate nutrition, care should be taken when selecting the starting and maintenance dose, and its titration, to avoid hypoglycemic reactions (see. “section

Some clinical studies in patients younger than 18 and older than 75 years have not been conducted. Special patient groups Hepatic insufficiency. Appointment of ordinary doses of repaglinide in patients with impaired hepatic function may lead to higher concentrations of repaglinide and its metabolites in plasma durabolin side effects than patients with normal liver function. therefore, repaglinide should not be administered to patients with severe hepatic impairment.


“), And patients with other disorders of liver function repaglinide should be used with caution. To fully assess the response to therapy, should lengthen the intervals between the dose adjustment (see. “Pharmacokinetics” section). Renal insufficiency. Although detected only a weak link between the concentration of repaglinide and creatinine clearance, total clearance of drugs in plasma in patients with severe renal impairment decreases. Because patients with diabetes and renal disease insulin sensitivity increased, dose selection for these patients should be performed with caution (see. “Pharmacokinetics” section). Effects on ability to drive and use machines. The ability of patients to the concentration and reaction speed may be violated at the time of hypoglycemia, which can be dangerous in situations where this ability is particularly necessary (for example, when driving or operating machinery). Patients should be advised to take measures to durabolin side effects prevent the development of hypoglycemia when driving and operating machinery. This is especially important for patients with absence or reduction in the severity of symptoms-precursors of developing hypoglycemia or frequent episodes of hypoglycaemia. In these cases, you should consider the feasibility of implementation of such works. ripbol